In many cases, the timetable for the development of the U.S. presence is frustrated because the visa formalities involved in transferring foreign employees to work in the United States have not been followed properly.  The U.S. visa regulations should be taken seriously.  A one-time anomaly, such as a refusal of entry, can have consequences on the qualification of the company to receive work visas for its employees for years afterwards.  Our firm provides comprehensive guidance in the area of work visas, work permits, and green card applications, and ensures that visa problems are factored in from the very beginning of the incorporation process.  Because complete documentation of company records is required for many types of visa, our corporate law and immigration law attorneys work hand-in-hand.  This also applies to cases in which the application for a Labor Certification is required from the US Department of Labor.

Our firm is able to offer fixed prices for most immigration-related services. This includes reviewing an employee’s documents, selecting the appropriate visa type, and preparing and submitting the application until its submission.