Protection of Intellectual Property

Before establishing a company in the United States, it should be determined whether the company name and possible product names can be used in the USA. In this way, the later occurrence of problems related to protected third-party rights can be avoided. This review should be made at state level, namely in the state in which the US company is to be established, and at a federal level through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

In the event that the company name as well as possible product names are not registered in the USA, a registration should be made with the USPTO to protect the brand name in the USA , as is the case in Europe.

Registration in the USA can be performed either as a new registration or through the Madrid Protocol, with reference to the existing registration in Europe. In addition to the application for registration, a proof of use must also be provided in the USA.

Our attorneys would be glad to assist you through the USPTO registration procedure and ensure a smooth process.