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We have decades of experience in negotiations between US and German-speaking parties. Like our clients, we are business-minded, seeking to maximize achievement of commercial targets while minimizing liability risk. We provide our clients with swift and precise recommendations – without unnecessarily lengthy legal explanations or disclaimers.

  • Employment law matters in US states
  • Employment contracts
  • Pay structures, 401(k) plans, health insurance, and bonuses
  • Payroll and payroll accounting
  • Expat contracts
  • Visas and work permits
  • Employment law proceedings and arbitration
  • Handbooks and codes of conduct

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  • Proceedings before US courts
  • Arbitration (US and international)
  • Mediation and ADR
  • Receivables management and enforcement measures

› Learn more about the key features of the court system and procedural law in the United States

  • Company formation
  • Corporate governance
  • Directors’ and officers’ remuneration and liability
  • Assistance with board of directors’ and shareholder meetings
  • Minute book administration and corporate secretary activities

› Learn more about founding a company in the United States
› Learn more about corporate governance

  • Trademark registration and protection
  • Copyrights
  • Media and publishing law

› Learn more about filing a trademark application in the United States

  • Real estate transactions (commercial, residential)
  • Tenancy law, tenancy agreements
  • Establishing real estate holdings
  • Visa and entry requirements for the United States
  • Green Cards
  • Citizenship law

› Learn more about visas and entry requirements for the United States

  • Import regulations
  • Customs tariff law
  • Export control law
  • Arms control
  • US and transatlantic company acquisitions and mergers
  • Divestitures

› Learn more about buying a company in the United States

  • Warranties
  • Assessing product documentation
  • Minimization of liability

› Learn more about product liability in the United States

  • Tendering procedures
  • Consumer protection law
  • FDA procedures
  • Other regulated industries
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating US contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Establishing purchasing and sales structures
  • Joint ventures

› Learn more about contract and commercial law in the United States

  • Directors’ and officers’ liability and remuneration
  • Sustainability and responsible corporate governance
  • ESG and CSR standards
  • Reporting and disclosure requirements
  • US implementation of European standards
  • US and local requirements
  • Software law and copyright