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Schumann Burghart LLP

We are THE US corporate law firm that specializes in representing German-speaking companies. We currently advise some 180 German-speaking companies and manage more than 150 of our clients’ subsidiaries in all 50 US states.

Our clients include well-known medium-sized companies, publicly traded groups, public bodies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. By acting as secretary for US companies, we have gained a unique and extensive knowledge of the special characteristics of our clients’ industries, especially with regard to relationships between Germany/Austria/Switzerland and the US. Our clients benefit from the fact that the advice we offer is, by comparison, much more extensive and can often save a lot of time and money.

We are the only US firm that can advise on all fields of law, from founding a company through contract drafting to litigation, in the German language. All our attorneys are admitted to practice law in both Germany and the US, and work together as one strong team. We have an excellent knowledge of both legal systems and can help you achieve your business goals in the US market.
Our starting point is always to give our clients prompt answers including a specific recommended course of action. For us, this means laying out the potential risks, while at the same time developing practical solutions together with our clients. With our business-oriented approach and our ability to speak your language, we can help you achieve the best results quickly and with fewer misunderstandings.

We aim to build lasting, personal relationships with our clients. This means that we are always available to answer your questions and do not delegate work to a rotating pool of attorneys. Honesty, transparency, and a reliable partnership are very important to us in our work.

We work in close cooperation with the German chambers of commerce and are a trusted firm of the Austrian International Chamber of Commerce in the US.

Our Team

The benefits for you:

  • All our attorneys received their legal eduction both in Germany/Austria and the US
  • Specialization in both legal systems saves time and money
  • Advice on all relevant fields of law from a single source
  • Comprehensive advice based on above-average knowledge of the market
  • Fast response times
  • Personal client relationships
  •  Transparent collaboration